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Border Fever

Bill Pronzini and Jeffrey Wallmann: Border Fever (2013)

From the Publisher:
Meet Oak M'Candliss
Hardened and wordwise Ranger Oak M'Candliss was a loner. His brothers had been massacred during a Chiricahuas border raid and the wife he adored had been murdered by a pack of vicious outlaws. All he had left was a devotion to justice and a determination to uphold the law.

As a member of the Territorial Rangers, he must prove himself time and again. Now, relying on his skill with a gun and his quick wits, M'Candliss must rescue two kidnapped diplomats from a gang of murderous Mexican bandits planning to undermine the Mexican government.

Bill Pronzini and Jeffrey Wallmann: Border Fever. Crossroad Press, ISBN: 9781301704637 (April, 2013), eBook, 525 KB (ca. 194 p.), $3.99.






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