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American Pulp

Ed Gorman, Martin H. Greenberg and Bill Pronzini (ed.): American Pulp (USA 1997)

From the Publisher:
Collects the best American crime stories ever published, culled from the pulp magazines of the thirties, forties, and fifties.

Easy Money / Evan Hunter
The Pickpocket / Mickey Spillane
In a Small Motel / John D. MacDonald
Sudden, Sudden Death / Talmage Powell
An Empty Threat / Donald E. Westlake
Package Deal / Lawrence Block
All the Lonely People / Marcia Muller
Doing Colfax / Ed Bryant
That Stranger, My Son / C. B. Gilford
Terrorists / Stephen Marlowe
Hot Snow / Vin Packer
I'm a Dirty Girl / Marthayn Pelegrimas
The Plunge / David Goodis
The Black and White Blues / Dorothy B. Hughes
High Stakes / John Lutz
Cop Without a Shield / Robert J. Randisi
Lynching in Mixville / L. J. Washburn
Murder in Two Parts / Norbert Davis
Down in the Valley / James Reasoner
The Badger Game / Jay Flynn
Don't Twist My Arm / Jack Ritchie
The Guilty Party / Richard S. Prather
We Were Picked as the Odd Ones / Wade Miller
Nothing to Worry About / Day Keene
Cry Silence / Fredric Brown
Tick, Tock / Donald Wandrei
Conspiracy / William Campbell Gault
Say It With Flowers / Craig Rice
Guilt / John Jakes
Bothered / Gil Brewer
Game / Herbert D. Kastle
I Feel Bad Killing You / Leigh Brackett
Decision / Helen Nielsen
Horn Man / Clark Howard
The Frigid Flame / Richard Matheson

Ed Gorman, Martin H. Greenberg and Bill Pronzini (ed.): American Pulp. Carroll & Graf, ISBN: 0786704616 (August, 1997), 550 p., $12.95.






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