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Bill Pronzini: Coyote and Quarter-Moon

Coyote and Quarter-Moon From the Publisher:
For over thirty years, Bill Pronzini has been writing Western novels and short stories. This is the first time these fifteen stories have been brought together, many of them published decades ago in issues of various magazines and long out of print. Pronzini offers a rich variety in the elements of his storytelling. Joining the familiar figures of lawmen and gunfighters and the like are some seldom-featured characters such as a traveling apothecary, a coffin trimmer, and a prison warden. The title story is a contemporary tale based in Oregon and featuring Jill Quarter-Moon, a full-blooded Umatilla Indian, and the Doberman she adopts and christens Coyote. What can the transportation of mongrel dogs to distant towns have to do with the smuggling of illegal drugs?

Bill Pronzini: Coyote and Quarter-Moon. Western Stories. Five Star, ISBN: 1594144052 (November, 2006), 219 p., $25.95



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