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Bill Pronzini: Night Freight

Night Freight From the Publisher:
An empty train yard at midnight... a small cabin bathed in the light of a full moon... a seedy Skid Row hotel in San Francisco... These are the places where fear lives, where the chill in the air has nothing to do with the temperature, and where Death can be someone you've already met. Collected here for the first time are twenty-six terrifying stories by Bill Pronzini, a master of dark suspense and horror. These chilling stories span nearly three decades in his award-winning career, and most have never been published before in book form. Prepare yourself now for an unforgettable gift, a very special delivery of... night freight.

Bill Pronzini: Night Freight. Leisure Books, ISBN: 0843947063 (May, 2000), 368 p., $5.50



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