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Bill Pronzini: The Crimes of Jordan Wise

The Crimes of Jordan Wise From the Publisher:
A tale of love, greed, and betrayal, by the acclaimed author of Blue Lonesome and A Wasteland of Strangers.
Jordan Wise was an ordinary, unexciting accountant with a San Francisco engineering firm, insecure about his futureŠuntil he met Annalise Bonner. She only cared for adventure and the good life and, intoxicated by her, Jordan Wise resolved to get it for both of them. Drawing on his considerable bookkeeping skills, he embezzled half a million dollars of his company's money and arranged the perfect escape for him and Annalise to the Virgin Islands, outside the reach of the law. However, he couldn't control what happened next, which drew him inexorably deeper and deeper.

A master storyteller, Bill Pronzini has created in Jordan Wise a memorable new protagonist, whose compelling and frightening story -- full of Pronzini's characteristic twists and turns -- underlines what can happen when lives come too close to the edge.

Bill Pronzini: The Crimes of Jordan Wise. A Novel. Walker & Co., ISBN: 0802714935 (July, 2006), 256 p., $24.00



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